Monday, 20 July 2009


"Funk Cariocafavela funk and, elsewhere in the world, baile funk, is a type of dance music from Rio de Janeiro, derived from Miami bass. Funk is a direct derivative of Miami Bass and freestyle (another Miami-based genre) music from the United States. The reason why these genres, very localized in the USA, became popular and influential in Rio de Janeiro is due to proximity. Miami is a popular plane stop for Rio DJs to buy the latest American records.[5]. The rhythms of funk in its early days were mostly loops of electronic drums from Miami Bass or freestyle records, while a few artists composed them with actual drum machines. [...] Defenders of funk argue that the genre is an authentic expression of low-income communities and the sexual lyrics reflect sexual freedom in Brazilian society."   (WIKIPEDIA)

"Soon we're above Rio's middle-class towerblocks and into the altitudes of the city's poor. A low thud-thud-thud gets louder until we reach our destination - a "funk ball". Every weekend there are about 500 of these rave-like balls, almost all in favelas or poor suburbs. The music is called funk, but it's not what a non-Brazilian would understand by that term. There are no over-produced hooks or soulful melodies. Rio funk is a crude collage of Miami bass and rap - a pared-down anti-music made on simple machines, with almost identical rhythms and tunes, no grace of delivery and shouted lyrics, predominantly crude and sexual. [...] To the untrained ear, funk has hardly changed in 15 years. The tracks are still made using basic "cut and paste" computer technology in small studios in Rio's suburbs. It uses samples from whatever it likes and piracy is rife. "The thing about funk is that all the melodies are stolen and anyone can sing it," says Speed. "It's crazy words and the same old tune. The funkeiro is simple and makes simple sounds."   (The Guardian)

''The music of choice in the favelas is 'Rio funk'. A hard-edged dance style of screeching rap and booty-shaking beats, this is the bastard child of Miami bass, which arrived here in the mid-1980s and went native. 'The heavy bass sounded really good and started to influence us,' says 42-year-old DJ Marlboro, who recorded the first Rio funk album in 1989. Dance music has run through the favelas since the Seventies, when Rio's first outdoor mega-parties began, playing US soul, disco and funk. [...] Rio funk customises raw, bombastic Miami rhythms with percussive loops of samba drums and a lively and unrelenting Brazilian rapping style. It's a music designed to be played as loud as possible, with the bass turned high in the sweltering, tropical night.''  (The Guardian)

Αυτός είναι o bass ήχος των φαβέλας του Rio. To Miami Bass έφτασε ως εδώ τη δεκαετία του '80, και από τότε οι φαβέλας δεν έχουν πάψει να το σαμπλάρουν και να του κάνουν διάφορα αποτρόπαια πράγματα, όπως cut-up και pitch-shifting, να το φορτώνουν με λούπες από κρουστά samba, και να ασελγούνε πάνω του μιλώντας ασταμάτητα για sex. To 2004 ο Diplo επιμελήθηκε ένα ημίωρο mix (για το ντοκυμαντέρ 'Favela On Blast'), που σκοτώνει, και έκανε τον ήχο του Rio γνωστό παγκοσμίως. Επίσης, στο ντοκυμαντέρ 'Dub Echoes' εμφανίζεται κάποια στιγμή ο Mad Professor να δείχνει ένα βραζιλιάνικο dub-funk group με το όνομα Digitaldubs Sound System, και πρόκειτα για την πρώτη dub κολλεκτίβα του Rio, σε μια μείξη dub και baile funk με σύγχρονη sub παραγωγή στα όρια του dubstep.   

link1  (Rio Baile Funk - Favela Booty Beats!)


  1. Eu só lamento. É assim que o Brasil é reconhecido lá fora. Ninguém mais valoriza a sabedoria. Apenas coloque uma coisa em sua cabeça:
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