Saturday, 20 June 2009


Ο Burial παραδέχεται την επίδραση του Garage παραγωγού EL-B, (στο WIRE Ιουνίου):

Burial: ''The first time I heard El-B's garage tunes was in the late 90s. I loved those tunes. He had a darker style than others, colder and more hypnotic. His drums were like a dark art. You knew that if you got one of his records it was going to be special. Some producers have methods that just silence people and El-B's got that. The space in the tune, the subs, the cut up vocals in the emptiness. . Those tunes were rolling in a way you can't describe. They were rough and deadly but also sort of graceful and eerie, and they sound dark in a car. Perfect underground music.  El-B and Steve Gurley were the ones, I just wanted to make tunes like them. They had everything good about jungle and garage but it sounded like the future and still does. El-B had his tunes and his label, kept a low profile and made classic records. He brought other producers through too. He's done a lot for UK underground music .  When you got the vinyl with the Ghost logo, it was like you were in on a secret. you could get deep into them.  Its time he got proper recognition. This collection on Tempa shows a new generation what he was about and how legendary those tunes were.  There's a lot of unheard new El-B beats too... . . he could probably be a UK Timbaland if he wanted - he does street music with a darker UK edge to it. He can hold his own ground alongside big US R&B & Hiphop producers. But it was the garage where he took it to the next level.'
Και το 2006 στην πρώτη του μεγάλη συνέντευξη:
Burial: "I became obsessed with El-B and garage. Those drums. I’d been into jungle but then heard that stuff and loved it[...] So to me garage sounded the same: it was also just sub and drums. Rollage. Pirate sounding… like early jungle before it became regimented and boring. [...] I discovered EL-B and garage at the same time. Then I heard “Stone Cold” [των Groove Chronicles & EL-B] and I was just like “fuck…”. It's dark. That tune’s never left my head. That tune is still going around my head from the first time I heard it. And the thing about those drums: they’re still the future. It’s not a lost art – people still don’t know how to do those drums. It’s an unknown thing. It’s like the last fucking secret left in music: how you do those drums. I’ve tried. I’ve locked myself away and tried. And the thing about garage is: the more you look at it like some tech-boy producer, the less you get it.[...] Some of those tunes are sad because they sounded like the future back then and no one noticed. They still sound future to me. El-B’s stuff is still ahead of the game."
link1 (ολόκληρη η συνέντευξη του EL-B στο τελευταίο WIRE)
link2 (ολόκληρη η συνέντευξη του Burial στον Blackdown, το 2006)

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  1. In ATHENS @ GAZ A L'EAU/Technopolis 27/02/2010 brought by Black Athena & Runner(d2) >>>> επιτέλους η 1η dark garage βραδυά στην Αθήνα με τον θρύλο όπως πολύ ωραία τονίζεις παραπάνω...

    MC of the night: FWD resident: CRAZY D (όποιος έχει πάει έστω μια φορά Plastic People Κυριακή η παλιότερα Παρασκευές knows... Sick dark MCing

    get ready
    be steady

    more info soon παντού