Monday, 23 August 2010


The only stuff from that time that I can still listen to is my hardcore and early jungle records. it’s only recently that I’ve realised how important that music was to me. Τhe point where I started to make breakbeats was around 2000. It was a hard time for me, because I was getting bored of techno music. I’d reached the point where I was looking back to the early days, listening to old mixtapes and recordings from parties. I realized then that breakbeat was my music. That was the music that reminded me of the good times. I try not to sound like old breakbeat records, I try to alter the structure. Three years ago I was not into dubstep at all, only into the Burial, really. But as a result of working at Hard Wax, I’m into much more now. It’s something fresh for me. And since I began seriously buying dubstep records, I’m not so into techno anymore. When I buy ten records these days, nine are dubstep and  one – maybe one – is techno. Dubstep and early 90s jungle is the same thing for me. I’ve always been into the dubstep which has some breakbeats in it; that’s why it’s interesting for me.

Αναπάντεχες δηλώσεις, κι ένας φοβερός νέος δίσκος από τον René Pawlowitz (aka Shed). Πρεμιέρα στο Berghain, όπου μαγειρεύονται περίεργα πράγματα από γερμανούς και βρετανούς παραγωγούς. Κανονική κυκλοφορία στις 30 Αυγούστου.

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