Saturday, 28 August 2010


This body overflows with sweat, drips the foam of desire at the crotch. A shudder 

shakes the body over till it lies motionless from exhaustion, losing the elements of 

existence in eternal time. 

This body overflows with sweat, not to be cooled off by the breeze of the night 

nor by the smiles of a child, nor by the impossible dream of the imagination from 

which the body has never been absent nor ever escaped. 

This body overflows with sweat; its foam drips from the vessel of extension, from 

the swelling of the balloon of the soul. Its impossible dream tumbles to the ground, 

but the body remains upright in the face of the death of one moment after the other 

until the time has come for the body to die. 

[A Body, by Rifqi Badawi,1995]

[Shackleton @Mary-Anne Hobbs, August 26, 2010]

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