Saturday, 25 April 2009


Originally formed by Xperimentalist & Gal-Bar-Adon in 2006, Jazzsteppa is the first live dubstep band. The four band members (Gal Bar-Adon: Trombone, MC, effects; Mathieu Pe: Trumpet, Effects; Fred: Laptop, Noise; Xperimentalist: Dj) managed to create a unique sound using their experience as live jazz musicians combined with their ongoing involvement with bass-heavy dance-floor music. The Jazzsteppa Live Set involves both original material & adaptations on a variety of musical genres & themes, emphasizing on the value of the roots from which their music has evolved. The first batch of Tracks (very originally named; one, two, three, four & five) have created quite a buzz, Receiving airplay on many pirate/online radio stations (Played regularly on: React FM, Reload-Radio, Sub FM) & much interest from the Likes of Dj Maxximus, DJ N-type & DJ Distance. Their music has all the strength and the deepness of the dubstep but the live horns brings up a fresh and sensual feeling to these sophisticated rave bangers. Jazzsteppa manage to replicate Jamaican vibes rather convincingly – quite a feat for a group that has emerged form the bleak greyness of Berlin and London. With their release on Hotflush in 2008 (Jakin/Two-12”) and their upcoming 12” on MG77 Recordings including “five” and “America B”(expected end of May 2008)it seems that they’re only beginning to refine their own vision of the genre.
(Από το site της δισκογραφικής τους, MG77 Recordings).

Είναι αλήθεια, αυτή η μπάντα καταφέρνει να παίζει dubstep fusion ζωντανά με dj, laptop και χάλκινα πνευστά στη σκηνή. Διονυσιακή αλητεία, στην απόχρωση της ώριμης σέπιας, που θυμίζει τον κατασταλαγμένο ήχο του πρώτου lp των Leftfield, με την προσθήκη της sub-bass διάστασης και με την επιθετικότητα του dubstep να κοντράρεται κάθετα με τον swing ήχο των πνευστών. Μπερεκέτ!
link1 (password: discography) 
link2 (Jazzsteppa live!)

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