Saturday, 25 April 2009

Geoff Barrow, the 007 of Retro Rock, awaits the end of the world

"Technology has done that, it's made people lazy. And the idea behind production is, as long it sounds clean, it sounds nice. That's the producer's job done. As for the engineer, as long as it comes up clean, and as long as the songwriter comes up with a good enough melody, and the singer is relatively in tune... and if not they can always pitch him. To me that's terrible, that's why some of the stuff sounds rough as well. To me, if a song works, it's got a vibe about it. That's one of the main things that's been lost in music today. The vibe. It creates the emotion in music. I think Nirvana were excellent in creating music that had a vibe. A hell of a lot of rap artists have vibes."

Αυτά έλεγε ο Geoff Barrow των Portishead πριν 15 χρόνια στο Addicted To Noise. Τελευταία ανέλαβε την παραγωγή σε δυο μπάντες που όντως διαθέτουν αυτές τις δονήσεις. Οι Horros και οι Crippled Black Phoenix παίζουν παραμορφωμένα και βρώμικα λόγω του πάθους τους και όχι για λόγους στυλιστικού φετίχ όπως τόσοι και τόσοι. Επιτέλους βγαίνει ζόρικη μουσική και ο Geoff, που έχει το αισθητήριο, δεν ξεχνά να αναφέρει διαρκώς την επιρροή των OM στον βαρύ ήχο των σημερινών βαρεμένων κι ασήκωτων ημερών...

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