Saturday, 14 February 2009

O Rob Brown των Autechre για το File Sharing

File sharing, do you have an opinion on it, has it affected you? I think Sean’s a bit more interested. I dunno, I used to record everything off the radio when I was a kid, and swap tapes. I think now, with file sharing, the only problem is you have a lower quality recording, but within the digital domain that genuinely is a lower quality recording. When I was taping off the radio, or taping it off a friend who had taped it off the radio, I’d grown up on these kind of ghostly versions of records that existed, and I’ve chased up the original 20 years later and found that the original is a actually little less enchanting than the one I’ve got on my cassette because of the weird, esoteric nuances that bootlegging gives you.

Άσχετο, αλλά μπορεί ακριβώς αυτή η "εσωτερική" ποιότητα της ηχογραφημένης μουσικής εν γένει (που αυξάνει με τις αλλεπάληλες αντεγραφές) να είχε στο νου του και ο Philip Glass μιλώντας για την ηχογράφηση που καθόρισε τη δική του μουσική ποιότητα, το "Goldberg Variations" του JS Bach, στην αυτιστική και μισανθρωπική εκτέλεση του Glenn Gould.  (Ένας πάτος του lo-fi ever).

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